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The Handssage Story

Dedicated to healing


A Journey of Growth

We like to say that everyone is constantly on a journey of discovery and growth. As the founder of Handssage, I am still on the path of life just like you. Growing up, I witnessed my grandmother suffer from arthritis. The agonizing pain debilitated her ability to express her love to the fullest. The family as a whole tried many things like massages, essential oils, and other at-home hand massagers. However, the pain always came back.

This led me on a journey to discover a method capable of helping people of all ages. For years, I studied, searching for a way to bring relief to my grandmother. Eventually, with the help of many individuals, we discovered a unique product that helps bring natural relief and a rejuvenated feel. I am now proud to say that plenty of small businesses, nail salons, friends & family have already witnessed the magic of all-natural, wholesome relief. And now, we’re bringing it to you!

Leader In The Hand Massage Industry

Through a proprietary combination of mechanical movements, we're helping deliver incredible hand massages to everyone from the comfort of their homes. Handssage it's more than a hand massage. It's a stimulation for the entire body. You’ll quickly discover how the entire body is connected in one grand sensory network. It's all about experiencing relief in an organic, non-toxic way. We call it organic healing.

Don't take our word for granted, try it out!
Have you ever had a hand massage? How would you like to experience a hair-raising, sensational hand massager? Break out from the routine and do something special. Get yours today!